Breast Implants Brisbane

Breast Implants Brisbane

If you are considering getting a breast implant operation it is important that you find the best breast implants brisbane surgeon. I have no disclosures myself regarding breast implants All I have is an experience of over 30 years and operating on over 6,000 women for breast implants and for this reason, I feel obliged to alert women considering breast implants to have an open mind and not necessarily choose the newest and most sexy sounding implant, especially if it is being highly marketed by surgeons enthusiastic to get you on the operating table.

During consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss your proposed Breast Augmentation, your general health, your expectations and desired outcomes from surgery, as well as undergoing an examination to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

Medicare rebates are available for the cost of medical services related to managing PIP breast implants concerns including GP and surgeon consultations, diagnostic tests and surgery and related anaesthetic services to remove and replace implants when clinically indicated.breast implants in brisbane

If replacement with new implants is undertaken, there is a likely increased risk of delayed local complications such as contracture, rupture, implant removal and reoperation associated with the second and subsequent surgeries compared to the primary or initial surgery.Facebook

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