Work Out and Control Your Blood Sugar at the Same Time

Work Out and Control Your Blood Sugar at the Same Time

For the management of type 2 diabetes, you need to exercise. It’s the best way of overcoming this issue. It would make your insulin cells better and would help to keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy range. This would help your cells to take that sugar. If you are taking diabetic medications before or even the insulin then exercise would make your level sink and such a condition would occur known as hypoglycemia.

Before you for testing your sugar level before exercising. The normal blood sugar level should be around 100 mg/dl and 250 mg/dl. And if it’s below 100 then you would need a snack before you get started. If you have planned to work out for 2 hours or sometimes more then you must not start until your readings are above 100. If your readings are higher than 250 then you need to check your urine for ketones. These are produced when your body starts to burn fats instead of sugar.

Try not to exercise if you do not have them. The blood sugar could also go higher and it can also cause ketoacidosis which would lead to death or coma. You do not need to check your blood sugar level unless and until you have planned to work out for more than 2 hours. Then you must check it otherwise it’s not necessary.

Sometimes people have a low reading ranging up to 70 mg/dl or sometimes lower. Then you need to have a snack which contains 15-20 grams of carbs. Eat a small piece of fruit and a cup of light yogurt or a granola bar. Then wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then check the reading again.

If it isn’t back up to 100 do the same treatment and then take the readings after 15 minutes. Doing this would mess up your routine but would save your life. Instead of overcoming the low blood sugar readings you continue then your blood and sugar level would fall and it could hit a dangerously low level.

After, when you are done exercising you have to check your readings again which would show you how exercise can affect diabetes. You would also come to know that what types of snacks you have to eat and at what time you have to eat. You would have to follow a diet plan and make it a practice in future which helps you to get rid of diabetes.

Some of the emergency treatments which can be done when your blood sugar levels drop. Try to keep a fast-acting sugar source within an arms reach. These include the glucose tablets, juices and regular soda, sports drinks if you feel that your blood sugar level have decreased then you can take one tablespoon of sugar instantly to control that situation.

You can also prevent the low ranging blood sugar levels by exercising too. Skip the alcohols before and after your workout. When your insulin is at peak never work out and try to stay away from hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas directly after you have finished your workout.
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