Bluetooth headhones

To date, manufacturers of best Bluetooth headphones have filled the market with wireless models of all form factors of headphones: full-size, overhead, in-channel, headphones with a “collar” and completely wireless models.

Your choice should be limited to how you expect to use headphones.

If you choose wireless headphones for sports , you can use in-channel models.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of music at home, I recommend that you take a closer look at full-size models .

And for use on the street, everything will be decided by your personal preferences and requirements for compact design.

Full-size headphones are characterized by the fact that the ear is completely placed inside the headphone bowl. At the very ear does not press the ear cups, so these earphones have good passive noise insulation , a high level of comfort and excellent sound quality.

Overhead headphones are similar to full-sized, but the cups lie on the ears. Thus, they are a good balance between a full-sized driver inside and a more compact exterior appearance. Well suited to listen to music on the road, however, most likely you will not be able to listen to the headphones for 3 hours and longer because of the tiredness of the auricle. You will have to take a break.

In-ear best Bluetooth headphones are the smallest, they are inserted into the ear canal. Ideal form factor for sports and compact models for the street. Also great for those who do not in principle love big headphones.

Below, I described the main points that should be considered when choosing bluetooth headsets and headphones for a smartphone or computer.

bluetooth headphones



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One of the main criteria when choosing wireless Bluetooth headphones is convenience and comfort. No matter how good the headphones are, you can not enjoy them if you are not comfortable. When buying first, ask for the headphones to try on. Each person has his own form of head and ears, and various combinations make it impossible to unify the shape of the headphones. Therefore, I highly recommend that you try on a few pairs of headphones and make sure that you are comfortable with them.

When choosing full-size and overhead models, pay attention to the headband – whether it presses on the head. If you feel that it presses slightly – rest assured that after an hour of listening this feeling will be greatly aggravated and you will be very uncomfortable. Headphones, like shoes, should be chosen so that they do not cause any difficulties in using you at all. Even the slightest detail, which now seems insignificant during the long use of headphones, can cause serious discomfort.

Pay attention to lie on the ears of the headphones bowl, how the pressure is distributed over the ear pads on your head. Try to adjust the length of the headband immediately, in order to achieve a perfect fit of the headphones. If even after several attempts you can not reach a good level of comfort – go boldly to another model as if the seller or friend about the current headphones did not respond well. Comfort is above all.

If you try the in-channel headphones – very carefully refer to the selection of the size of the ear cups. From this depends not only the level of comfort, but also the sound quality. Only perfectly suited ear cushions can give you maximum comfort. If the earbuds of the in-channel headphones are matched correctly, you generally should not feel the earphones in your ear, or feel them minimally. If you are trying on the in-channel wireless headphones and you acutely feel them in the ear – either try other ear pads, or another model of best Bluetooth headphones. So these for some reason do not fit in shape to your ear.