Na verdade nosso canil se esforça para produzir os filhotes de american bully mais seguro para sua família. Bully Americano é semelhante em aparência a seus ancestrais American Pit Bull Terrier e American StaffordshireTerrier, Canil Pit Bully American Bully mas geralmente é consideravelmente mais volumoso, com cabeça quadrada, com focinho mais curto e maior estrutura muscular do que aquelas raças, bem como apresentando maior variação de tamanho.

Manter um american bully saudável e feliz não requer muitos cuidados: passeios diários, brincadeiras pela manhã e à tarde, rações de boa qualidade, banhos a cada duas ou três semanas, além das fundamentais consultas com veterinário, para vacinas, vermifugações e consultas de rotina.

Como já foi dito, Exotic Bully é derivado do American Bully, este surgiu a partir do desejo que as pessoas tinham de possuir um cão forte, musculoso, com aparência agressiva que ao mesmo tempo fosse totalmente amigável com pessoas, compatível com ambiente familiar e pronto para lidar tanto com os membros da família quanto com outros animais de estimação ou não.

Bully Americano,foi treinado como animais de proteção individual, com grande sucesso, mas esta raça não é agressiva, provavelmente não suficiente para fazer um bom cão de guarda (apesar de sua aparência por si só provavelmente intimidar os malfeitores).

Exotic Bully é uma raça relativamente nova, uma versão imoderada do American Bully, graças a sua forma física (mais agressiva do que a forma física do American Bully clássico): Mais musculoso, mais definido, cabeça maior, mais massa e peitoral mais amplo.…

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These are the top Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency news stories for August 15, 2017. We cover news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various virtual currencies. MyBroadband spoke to Gavin Marshall – founder of blockchain-based app and an instructor at the Blockchain Academy in Cape Town – about the emerging blockchain job market and undervalued cryptocurrencies how people can get involved.

Maverick investor Peter Thiel has reportedly gone all-in on the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and news caused its price to rise. If you’ve taken the plunge and invested some of your hard-earned cash into Bitcoin, you probably want to stay abreast of all the latest news concerning the cryptocurrency.

The J-Coin will be pegged to the yen and users will be able to spend it through a mobile app. Unlike CoinDesk and Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine takes a more Bitcoin-centric approach to the news. These are the top Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency news stories for August 15, 2017.

It is the third-oldest still-extant cryptocurrency (and No. 2, namecoin, is not relevant) and the No. 5 cryptocurrency by market cap if you don’t count bitcoin spinoffs. The entire crypto sector receives coverage, but the site occasionally branches out and reports on the news in associated markets.

These are the top Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency news stories for August 14, 2017. In the next 3 days, Bitcoin plunged by 30 percent to below USD 12,000 as investors dumped the cryptocurrency after its sharp rise to a peak close to USD 20,000 prompted warnings by experts of a bubble.…

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Explore the world of trench coats this winter

Know everything about the coats that have never gone out of fashion since the 1900s! The ‘trench coats’, as they call it.


Originally designed by Thomas Burberry way back in 1901, the trench coats’ designs have undergone many changes, thanks to the fashionistas across the world! The trench coats which were initially meant for British military officers to be worn as raincoats during the First World War have been updated ever since to make the trench coats look more chic and classier fit to be worn by civilians too, on all occasions! Being nearer to the polar front jet stream, UK experiences various types of weather on the same day! To sound generic, we can say UK always has a cloudy and a cool climate, and hot conditions are rarely felt. This makes trench coats even more popular amongst the people living in UK, especially during winters.


What are trench coats?


Invented mainly for British soldiers some 100 years back, trench coats were designed to save the officers from the rain. The coats still serve the same purpose only that they are now more fashionable and make you look more stylish and elegant! The trench coats come in various sizes, starting from short ones that fall above your knees, till the long ones that come below your knees. They also make for a perfect business meeting owing to its all-formal look! To make it appear a little casual, many tie the belt around the coat in the front. The trench coats are mostly made of gabardine, cotton or heavy canvas, which can keep away raindrops from touching your body, and keep you a little warm during winters. However, only a trench coat cannot save you from chilly winters. In such a case, make sure you are wearing layered clothes beneath the trench coat.


More about the trench fever!


Being an iconic wear especially in UK, the trench coats are unstoppably updatable. Top designers are regularly bringing up new designs in the market which are being sold like a bat out of hell! The brand that launched the coats, ‘Burberry’ now sells trenches in variations, starting from bright colours and prints that have python skin sleeves, and are made of satin, suede or lace. All because the trench coats never went out of fashion. Every fashion blogger has trench coats on their wardrobe list, and to be honest, the roots of the trench coats, that is the fact that they were actually meant for soldiers, have been long forgotten!


Here are some reasons why you should wear a trench coat.


  •    Uniforms are boring, but not this one: Trench coats can be worn every day! Similar to a uniform? Hell, no! Uniforms are boring. The trench coats aren’t. They only upgrade what you are already wearing on a normal day. Wear a dress, jeans or a top, shirts and trousers, and match it with a trench coat. Voila! You look so stylish.


  •    So many options to suit everyone: There’s a trench coat for everyone. Believe when we say this because depending on your lifestyle, height, skin tone, there are thousands of varied trench coats available online or in the market. E-shopping websites offer you a plethora of designer trench coats for a low price thanks to the discounts, deals, vouchers and more to add to your savings! You can opt for a shorter coat for a casual look for gatherings, and a longer one to add a classic touch to your clothing or to be worn to office meetings. You can choose between classic neutrals, all-black, navy-look or khaki coats available in different palettes. It is simply versatile!


  •    It is timeless: Right from the early 1900s till now; the trench coats have never gone out of fashion and don’t seem to as well in the near future. It’s not just the celebs including Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie who are caught with the ‘trench fever’, but it is widely popular amidst the common crowd as well!


  •    It is a closet must-have: Just like a pair of blue jeans, and white shirt, a trench coat is a closet staple too. Wear anything and team it with a beige or black or khaki trench coat and you’ll be all ready to hit the streets with all sophistication and ultimate class!


Where can you buy trench coats from?


Trench coats are available for both kids and adults, across stores in the UK that sometimes offer the coats for a lower price owing to the activity of promotion, or just to get rid of piled up stock. Be aware of the Cyber Monday sale season, and look for discounts and other offers to get the best price. There are also online websites that sell a variety of designer trench coats, which you can buy at cheaper rates by availing deals, vouchers and other discounts. Go ahead and shop!

Be classy, look classy!


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Driving in Dubai

‘No problem,’ they all say, ‘I’ve been driving for 25 years, I can handle it,’ they insist.  The thing is, driving in Dubai is probably unlike any driving you’ve ever done before.

Driving in Dubai really has a very distinct feel and style to it.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Mad Max here on the roads but there are certainly some drivers that wouldn’t pass their test in the UK.

If you’re new to Dubai, about to arrive or just visiting, here are a few things you should know about driving in Dubai.

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Requirements to Drive

If you are a tourist in Dubai you must be 18 years old, you must have a valid tourist or visit visa and you must hold a valid driving license.

If you’re visiting Dubai you can only drive a rental vehicle using your UK license.

If you are moving to Dubai and you enter on your entry permit (the pink visa) you cannot rent a car on your UK license.  Once the visa process has begun (the moment your pink visa is stamped in Dubai airport, your visa process has started) you cannot rent a car on your UK license anymore, you must get a UAE driving license and you can only apply for that once you’ve received your residence permit and ID card.

cheap hotels in dubai

The Roads and Traffic

Driving can be a little bit nuts here in Dubai.  You’ll see lots of other people not using indicators, speeding, undertaking, tailgating, driving while on the phone and not wearing a seatbelt.  Don’t be mistaken though, it is definitely illegal.  Dubai is beginning to really crackdown on these kind of driving offences, so don’t always assume they’re actually getting away with it.

The roads in Dubai typically vary between 60km/h and 80km/h (37mph-50mph) and the highways are usually 100km/h to 120km/h (62mph-75mph).  For people living in cities, this type of driving is a lot faster than you’re used to since it seems like 90% of roads in Dubai are highways.

The layout of the roads can be a bit daunting, initially, but as long as you have a satnav or mobile map application you’ll be fine.  You’ll also find that, sometimes, the route getting somewhere is significantly longer or shorter than the route back, which is a bit weird.  The reason is because a lot of Dubai’s roadways are set out like highways where you’ll need to go to the next exit before you can do a u-turn.  You’ll get used to the whole spaghetti junction style roads, though.

Just remember, always pay attention to the road, your surroundings and, oh, yes, you drive on the right in Dubai!  Probably should have mentioned that first.

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Eating Bugs Turns Into Instant YouTube Video Business

some years ago I cashed in and moved to Thailand from the usa. one of the best matters I had of any well worth at all was a Sony CyberShot digital camera that doubled as my video digicam. This digicam shot 640×480 video at 30 frames in keeping with second and become pretty precise at it. I may want to have sold a separate video digicam if I wanted, however I wanted something compact and able to shoot each fantastic snap shots and first rate videos.

I commenced shooting films about matters i was doing in Thailand. Then, one wacky day I determined that it might be extraordinary a laugh to shoot some video of me consuming some insects, worms and things that i found at an outdoor Thailand marketplace. I created the “Gross Grub series movies” at YouTube. The films had been of horrible quality just because I reduced in size them to 320×240 resolution and a mediocre pleasant setting in windows film Maker after I converted them. The cause being, my internet connection was my cellular phone and to upload video extra than 30 megabytes massive became a critical attempt and commonly died mid-upload.

then again, it failed to be counted. I couldn’t consider what passed off, my videos had been getting thousands and hundreds of views. I quickly implemented to the “companion program” and changed into time-honored. What that intended is that I may want to now have Google AdSense ads run on my motion pictures and within the proper column – and be paid for clicks on them. A part time internet enterprise turned into born. I now have 177 films published at YouTube and over 2.3 million perspectives.To get a best vlogging camera with flip screen contact us right now.

best vlogging camera

As I went back and compared the number of hours that I labored on various online tasks through the years i found that those videos honestly made more money than all however one in all my other projects – according to hour of effort. it really is notable. it is exquisite as it’s smooth and amusing. What a business!

take a look at YouTube and notice if there is absolutely everyone on the top channels doing something like you can envision your self doing. notice that there are only a few specialists taking pictures video with best lighting fixtures or superb scripts. a number of these video stars get extra perspectives per week than sure tv shows. that is loopy, however that is the electricity of video.

if you’re interested in taking pictures video at YouTube, comply with these simple steps:

1. buy a simple Sony digicam that shoots 640×480 video at 30 frames according to 2nd. I still use a Sony camera that shoots at this equal resolution because it produces accurate size motion pictures, high fine decision (HQ) in YouTube.

2. test with taking pictures your self taking walks around and retaining the digicam or someone taking pictures you. Leaving a video digital camera on a tripod usually effects in boring pictures – higher that your digital camera is shifting around a chunk to offer that experience of realism.

three. Devise a topic that you love to speak about and will produce some thing each single day about in case you wanted to. passion approximately your subject matter appears to be the one indicator of achievement on the subject of any business. in case you do not find it irresistible – you might not do it.

four. test with distinct themes. You may not hit on a topic that huge agencies of human beings need to see for your first few tries. irrespective of, keep trying. have a look at the quantity of pinnacle considered women displaying makeup tips. They aren’t professionals inside the least and are killing the views. What in case you’re a guy speakme about make-up guidelines – that might be so funny, and probably do actually well. ordinary, humorous subjects do nicely. are you able to be funny? would possibly as nicely strive, right?

five. as soon as you have got stumble on a famous subject matter and feature 20,000 perspectives or so of a couple of videos pass ahead and practice on the YouTube companion program and see if you can get accepted. in that case, you will additionally want an AdSense account so Google can pay you.

6. Get to work perfecting your new enterprise. It isn’t always mind surgical treatment, and you’ll probable be surprised on the low first-class video publicizes which can be getting tens of millions of perspectives.

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Do You Know Why The Day After Thanksgiving Is Called Black Friday?

It has come to indicate the largest shopping day of the year and a boon to stores as it brings out massive customers and produces fantastic income. Black Friday originated in Philadelphia in the early 60s although the term was used to begin with by Philadelphia law enforcement officials to explain the disruption occasioned with the aid of the heavy pedestrian and vehicular visitors in its downtown shopping district on (Friday) the day after Thanksgiving; it wasn’t long before its use widened. but why is it called Black Friday?

by means of 1975 Black Friday had spread to many different places and grew to consciousness its software extra on the top notch sales opening the holiday shopping season. The term changed into no longer intended as one in every of endearment however rather a bothersome day that frazzled the Police department, bus drivers and traders alike. but, each the term and tradition became so ingrained inside the lifestyle of the consumers that stores began accommodating with in advance and ever in advance store openings.

I keep in mind as a mom with small youngsters planning for these days of “super shopping” a necessity in our family. no longer only should i am getting most of my vacation purchasing carried out I could also plan my strategic purchases and inventory up on the fundamentals.

black friday deals 2017

I do not do not forget its being called Black Friday at that point but I do take into account the way of life at my house – the early morning tour downtown. one year I planted my dad (then retired) in a relaxed chair within the branch save as I fought the crowds, collected my unearths and deposited them in his lap for secure preserving. i’ve many fond reminiscences of those days.To get Black friday deals 2017 contact us right now.

what is the destiny of Black Friday?

these days, many years later, Black Friday continues to be going strong. This year it falls on November twenty ninth, in 2014 on November 28th and by way of 2015 the party of shopping will come on November twenty seventh. This annual commentary is likewise practiced in Canada and the trap of Black Friday income has in latest years even been exported to countries outdoor of North the usa. And with the emergence of on line selling (helping you avoid the crowds – now not to say the threat that occasionally attend the more and more competitive consumers) nations like the uk and even Brazil in addition to a few on line retail giants have visible their vacation revenues double compared to preceding years. The opposition for the yearend dollar is of essential import as many stores document that the sales from Black Friday pastime will often put their stability sheets ‘inside the black’ and atone for lower appearing quarters. [see: “Cyber purchasing on Thanksgiving Day a developing way of life.” Joan Verndon, group of workers creator eleven/25/09 []]

i’d assume that so long as there’s buying available and bargains to be sought, focused promotional days like Black Friday (or even Black Thursday and Saturday) will stay part of our calendar of occasions. [Li, Shan (November 21, 2011). Los Angeles Times. Retrieved November 22, 2011]

The drive for more clients and greater income have induced many competitors to start their Black Friday income early by means of establishing up on Thursday nighttime to get a bounce on the promoting season (even big name shops). As lately as November 2012 media resources were reporting “How ‘Black Friday’ Morphed Into ‘gray Thursday'” [Sreenivasan, Hari (11/22/12) PBS Retrieved 11/23/12]

So, from several views you can see why it’s miles known as Black Friday and might within the future welcome a sibling, Black Thursday!

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Fannin Litigation Group, P.S.

Fannin Litigation Group, P.S.


Attorney Robert C. Hahn, III, has successfully managed hundreds of injury cases in the greater Spokane area for the last fifteen years. Secondly, accidents that involve semi trucks are very different from your typical car accident because semi trucks are often being operated by a business and thus Bellevue motorcycle accident lawyer classified as a commercial vehicle rather than a vehicle owned and operated by a regular individual.

Once licensed, a lawyer may take on any kind of case whether or not they have much experience in it. However, legal ethics require an inexperienced lawyer to enlist appropriate help or take the time to learn the issues to competently represent the client.

Spokane attorney Robert Hahn represents clients injured in an auto accident, truck accident, construction accident, pedestrian accident, fatal accident, accident caused by cell phone use, commercial truck accident, semi-truck accident, and 18-wheeler accidents.

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we have extensive experience with helping individuals in the Spokane area who have been injured, but are not at fault in the accident, receive monetary compensation for their medical treatment, experience wage loss, and go through the difficulties associated with pain from injury.

Also referred to as a plaintiffs’ lawyer , a personal injury lawyer is responsible for interviewing prospective clients and evaluating their cases to determine the legal matter, identify the distinct issues rooted within the plaintiff’s larger problem, and research the issues to build a strong case.


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PureSleep Review

PureSleep Review


The Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress is a coiled mattress with some of the best crib mattress reviews. There aren’t too many serious manufacturers and brands out there with enough reviews to make for a fair comparison, but out of all of them, only Sleep Number , Personal Comfort (on ), Comfortaire and Innomax (on ) have been reviewed enough so they can rank.

The many online reviews vouching for its effectiveness should encourage people who frequently snore to try it. And the fact that the pure sleep reviews manufacturer offers a very reasonable 30-day trial for this mouthpiece should be more than enough to convince you that it works or you can learn more which is best stop snoring mouthpiece right fit with you.

Picked this up when my skin went through a severely dry stage instead of an oil based cream because I didn’t want to use something so heavy on my already oily skin, plus some of the reviews on the Innisfree website claim that this works on their dry patches.

Dr. Douglas Fenton, who has been a dentist in San Francisco, invented the Pure Sleep snoring mouthpiece For many years, Dr. Fenton as well as a few other physicians prescribed their patients the same anti-snoring mouthpieces and charged them about $400.

Throughout this site you will find research, advice and treatment guides covering all facets of sleep and in particular sleep disorders, and here we review some of the best snoring mouthpieces that have been proven to provide some relief for snorers.


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Wish Promo Code Free Shipping Golden Chance For You.

Wish Promo Code Free Shipping Golden Chance For You.


Wish is a major e-commerce retailer which operates the website As of today, we have no active coupons. Free Shipping: There’s no doubt that shopping can be enjoyable (that’s why they call it ‘retail therapy’!). To view estimated shipping times for your orders, please visit the Order History page: /transaction. Since only acts as a marketplace for other sellers, each listing comes with its own shipping Wish Promo Codes For App charges, although we found free shipping to be the norm.

The interest is calculated from order date and will be added to your account after the end of the payment free period. Another strength of Wish is that they provide very efficient shipping to many countries. And for anyone who is new to the app- yes, the shipping dates they give you seem like forever, but almost 95% they get to you early, so just keep that in mind!

Like Wish, ePromos is an e-commerce stores provider, and they are offering a deal similar to Wish coupons. Also, don’t forget to mention your unique wish referral code in comment section. Cocoon Organisation Receive $5 Discount Cocoon Innovations Promo Code Has Arrived.

With the help of Wish coupons available on our website , you can expect to fulfil your wishes – at discounted rates! Once you’ve done with promotion code then automatically you’ll be proposed by the given discount on all of your purchase. This can’t be used in conjunction with other offers (entering a promo code in checkout will exclude you from this promotion).

Like Wish, Shopko is an e-commerce stores provider, and they are offering a deal similar to Wish coupons. Visit Daily For Highest Paying Best Free Recharge Apps For Android, Window & IOS. Product purchase is exclusive of taxes and shipping and processing charges and excludes sale, discounted, and clearance-priced items as well as the purchase of gift cards, products containing alcohol, and chocolate-dipped fresh fruit.


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PAGIBIG Requirements For Housing Loan Application Procedures

PAGIBIG Requirements For Housing Loan Application Procedures


Automatic bill paying is usable and ibg online record keeping through bank bill pay services, you can apply online. If you are getting a loan to buy a lot and build a house , construct a house, or add improvements, PAG-IBIG needs your building plans, building specifications, and bill of materials that ofw pag ibig cash loan requirements should be signed by a professional and licensed architect or civil engineer.

Just to give you a quick summary, a housing loan is a financing program that provides funds for buying a vacant lot, house and lot , residential properties like a townhouse or condominium , house construction, refinancing, house renovation, and reimbursement of acquisition cost.

We are exerting efforts to help Pag-IBIG members, as per the directive of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to provide Filipinos with affordable loans so that they will not resort to 5-6 loan sharks,” Pag-IBIG Fund Board of Trustees head Eduardo Del Rosario said in a statement.

I am a pag ibig member and I have been paying my monthly contribution regularly for almost four (4) years now..and I have also a housing loan in one of the developers in manila payable for 20 years, I paid already the down payment and I have already been paying the monthly amortization for six (6) months now.

FOR EMPLOYED member-borrow: The Certificate of Monthly Net Income” portion at the back of the MPLAF application form must be accomplished by the employer or alternative, you can submit photocopy of your latest pay slip duly authenticated by your company’s authorized representative.


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