Explore the world of trench coats this winter

Know everything about the coats that have never gone out of fashion since the 1900s! The ‘trench coats’, as they call it.


Originally designed by Thomas Burberry way back in 1901, the trench coats’ designs have undergone many changes, thanks to the fashionistas across the world! The trench coats which were initially meant for British military officers to be worn as raincoats during the First World War have been updated ever since to make the trench coats look more chic and classier fit to be worn by civilians too, on all occasions! Being nearer to the polar front jet stream, UK experiences various types of weather on the same day! To sound generic, we can say UK always has a cloudy and a cool climate, and hot conditions are rarely felt. This makes trench coats even more popular amongst the people living in UK, especially during winters.


What are trench coats?


Invented mainly for British soldiers some 100 years back, trench coats were designed to save the officers from the rain. The coats still serve the same purpose only that they are now more fashionable and make you look more stylish and elegant! The trench coats come in various sizes, starting from short ones that fall above your knees, till the long ones that come below your knees. They also make for a perfect business meeting owing to its all-formal look! To make it appear a little casual, many tie the belt around the coat in the front. The trench coats are mostly made of gabardine, cotton or heavy canvas, which can keep away raindrops from touching your body, and keep you a little warm during winters. However, only a trench coat cannot save you from chilly winters. In such a case, make sure you are wearing layered clothes beneath the trench coat.


More about the trench fever!


Being an iconic wear especially in UK, the trench coats are unstoppably updatable. Top designers are regularly bringing up new designs in the market which are being sold like a bat out of hell! The brand that launched the coats, ‘Burberry’ now sells trenches in variations, starting from bright colours and prints that have python skin sleeves, and are made of satin, suede or lace. All because the trench coats never went out of fashion. Every fashion blogger has trench coats on their wardrobe list, and to be honest, the roots of the trench coats, that is the fact that they were actually meant for soldiers, have been long forgotten!


Here are some reasons why you should wear a trench coat.


  •    Uniforms are boring, but not this one: Trench coats can be worn every day! Similar to a uniform? Hell, no! Uniforms are boring. The trench coats aren’t. They only upgrade what you are already wearing on a normal day. Wear a dress, jeans or a top, shirts and trousers, and match it with a trench coat. Voila! You look so stylish.


  •    So many options to suit everyone: There’s a trench coat for everyone. Believe when we say this because depending on your lifestyle, height, skin tone, there are thousands of varied trench coats available online or in the market. E-shopping websites offer you a plethora of designer trench coats for a low price thanks to the discounts, deals, vouchers and more to add to your savings! You can opt for a shorter coat for a casual look for gatherings, and a longer one to add a classic touch to your clothing or to be worn to office meetings. You can choose between classic neutrals, all-black, navy-look or khaki coats available in different palettes. It is simply versatile!


  •    It is timeless: Right from the early 1900s till now; the trench coats have never gone out of fashion and don’t seem to as well in the near future. It’s not just the celebs including Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie who are caught with the ‘trench fever’, but it is widely popular amidst the common crowd as well!


  •    It is a closet must-have: Just like a pair of blue jeans, and white shirt, a trench coat is a closet staple too. Wear anything and team it with a beige or black or khaki trench coat and you’ll be all ready to hit the streets with all sophistication and ultimate class!


Where can you buy trench coats from?


Trench coats are available for both kids and adults, across stores in the UK that sometimes offer the coats for a lower price owing to the activity of promotion, or just to get rid of piled up stock. Be aware of the Cyber Monday sale season, and look for discounts and other offers to get the best price. There are also online websites that sell a variety of designer trench coats, which you can buy at cheaper rates by availing deals, vouchers and other discounts. Go ahead and shop!

Be classy, look classy!