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category B Visa: This visa lets in individuals to single, double or a couple of transits to Schengen nations for a duration of five days of less.

· class C Visa: This visa is the most famous sort of Schengen visas and affords the individual holder the capacity to travel inside Schengen international locations without acquiring additional visas. The visa is ideal for 90 nonconsecutive days. but, those 90 days ought to be used within six months of the date of first getting into a Schengen kingdom.

· class D Visa: This visa is issued by man or woman Schengen country and permits a holder to stay in that country for the period of time furnished with the aid of that individual nation. The holder of this visa may also journey inside other Schengen international locations for as much as ninety days in the six month length of first arriving.

· category FTD and FRTD: those visas are most effective special visas for road and rail lines among Mainland Russia and Kalingrad Oblast which borders the Baltic Sea.

submitting files: to finish an software for a category C Schengen Visa the subsequent documents must be provided:

1. A completed utility available on-line or at Schengen international locations’ embassies.

2. A passport and a duplicate of that passport. The passport must be valid for at least three months after the deliberate return from Schengen countries

3. A picture or photographs of the applicant’s face that became taken inside six months of applying. the quantity of photos required might also range so it’s far advisable to have a few available.

4. evidence of medical tour coverage that meets or exceeds €30,000.00

5. proof of a stable financial heritage, such as financial institution statements, assets certificates and comparable documents.

6. documents displaying journey arrangements, inns and associated materials that show that the ride can be temporary.You can get dubai visa photo size – visainfodesk.

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7. in case you are staying at every other man or woman’s residence in a Schengen state it might be necessary to deliver an invitation from the person you’re staying with as a way to confirm your lodges.

trendy method: once these files are organized an person have to complete a quick filing process. First, you need to visit the embassy or consulate of the Schengen state that you intend to spend the majority of a while in. If this is unknown you could visit the Embassy or consult of the Schengen country you may first arrive in. 2d, you must put up the documents listed above to the important station and pay the €60 submitting charge (approximately THB 3,000.) this is generally the very last step, however every so often an interview could be requested to ask approximately your go to. A visa will commonly be issued inside in 4-5 enterprise days after submission; the technique can take longer if an interview is required.